Meet Mona

My muse. My partner in crime. My magical assistant. My own personal unicorn/ethereal being/fuzz muffin. Mona. An oddball (even by feline standards), she’s the kind of cat who must maintain a maximum minimum distance from you at all times, and under no circumstances wants to be touched. Unless of course she demands it (which only happens once in a blue moon), usually by resting her soft little chin on your index finger while you’re trying to play video games.

We call her the composition savant, because while she has an uncanny ability to pose perfectly at any given moment, she isn’t the most brilliant cat in the world. That’s for the best though, because she’s also the easiest cat I’ve ever had the privilege to live with. She’s gorgeous, but doesn’t constantly demand attention. She’s not ambitious, never trying to dart out doors or knock down large objects. She doesn’t meow at ungodly hours or skitter around like a bat out of hell when we’re trying to sleep. All in all, compared to most of the cats I’ve known, whom I have always adored, but who have often been too clever for their own good, Mona is a lovely roommate and a vital member of the Sloppy Seamstress team.

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