In real life, I’m a very meticulous, by-the-book kind of person. Reading Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers in high school basically confirmed my natural inclinations: building a solid technical foundation through lots of practice is the key to success in any endeavor.

I apply this concept with gusto to all my creative pursuits: graphic design, music, baking. All creative pursuits that is, except sewing. Sewing is the area in which my playfulness is pretty unfettered by any concern for technical correctness. So I sew with wild abandon, and if this means there are a few crooked seams, well, that’s a price I’m willing to pay ;).

This blog is mostly a chronicle of my sewing projects, though my other hobbies also seep into it. The Sloppy Seamstress is my creative corner on the internet. Thanks for stopping by!

My Studio

I live in a small apartment with my SO, so space is at a premium. This area pulls triple duty as my sewing workspace, home office (I love using my Surface Pro 4 with a dock and second monitor) and harp spot.

I built the desk (including the keyboard tray!) to fit my needs. Overall, it’s a really functional little studio, and I love working in it!

My Sewing Machine


This cheap (but utterly adorable–I mean, look at that pattern!) little sewing machine has served me really well for all my home projects thus far. It’s a Brother JR2517 and can be gotten for under $100.

It has a multitude of stitch choices (and even comes with buttonhole and zipper sewing feet attachments!), is easy to thread (alas, no automatic needle threading) and has decent speed control on the pedal. I would say for a beginner machine, you couldn’t do much better.